Brilliance Financial Planning Consultants: The brightest way to look after your future

Our firm of highly qualified consultants, including Chartered Financial Planners, can help you with advice on pensions, investments, savings and your other general financial planning needs.

Your personal finances are more complex than ever before. Planning for your retirement has never been so important. Increased personal wealth and investor choice has opened up a world of options previously only available to a privileged few.

You need a different breed of financial adviser one who doesn't simply sell products but who gives you market-wide information. That way you can make informed, sound decisions for your future. By working with a fee based IFA you'll know your best interests remain our focus because we never sell products based on commission.

At Brilliance, we understand your needs and recognise that the demands you make of our advisers will change over time. We're ethical, accredited and have distilled our many years of experience to give you tailored financial solutions whatever your circumstances.

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